Tuesday, May 5, 2015

sakitnya tu di sini | too much to do


Few days more . 2 days more . Need to settle one by one . Every night bermimpikan beautiful nightmare . Risau gelabah excited tak sabar semua berpadu tenaga hinggakan health status pun declines . Mudah-mudahan masa trip nanti diberi kesihatan dan kelapangan dada demi sebuah pengalaman dan ilmu yg perlu dipenuhkan . Dear Allah, please ease everything . Sakitnya tu di sini, di dalam kepalaku . Sakitnya tu di sini, di dalam jiwaku . When too much to do then you dont have any idea which one to do first! Tawakaltu ala Allah :|

This sem, pathetic sem . In sha Allah gonna face trough it all .

Checklist :

  • FYP proposal - DONE
  • FYP slide - HALF DONE
  • Test 2 - HALF DONE
  • Dairy Science presentation (varieties of milk production)
  • Pasture Presentation (Guinea grass)
  • FYP proposal Presentation 
  • Resource Forum discussing after trip

Checklist things to bring:

  1. Passport/Visa       
  2. Medicines            
  3. Extension
  4. Universal Plug
  5. Charger
  6. Battery charger
  7. Telekung
  8. Toiletries
  9. Makeups
  10. Clothes
  11. Maps
  12. Umbrella/raincoat
  13. Wintercoat

Tik tok tik tok tik tok . May Allah ease our journey, pray for our safety yah ! Where to go? Stay tuned! In sha Allah tiada aral melintang, bakal di ceritakan di sini . Poultry test for tomorrow! After test will be prepare for a long and far journey :)

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