Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kuching #2


With our beloved Dr Andy, at his clinic ~ 
Well doct, ur clinic was sooooooooooooooooo beautiful ! :D
#He's our lecturer for this two semester and i owed him for some cases, bytheway, thanks doct give me that 'oppurtunity' (:

Sorry, can't see the face >.<
Well, nampak macam gambar duludulu kan ? 
A group of young scientist maybe ? harharr ~ 
Ermmm, actually i hope that one day i can work with this suit *with labcoat ~ 
InsyaAllah, pray for me (: 

Okey, next time laarhh gambagamba lain nooo ! Ponet dah den nak tunggu loading gambar . Hampehh betol ma*** berukkkband ! Dahla 2-3hari baru guna, then line macam tai* ! Tuptuppp quota dah habes ? Beruk sungguh ! Walhal aku tak download apaapa pon larhhh ! Sheeeeeessssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh !

# woaa nak jadi meksalmah dr US jap boleh ? almaklumlah nk ambil balik muet this sem *tak puasati result haritu* ~ so i'm sorry for my horribleeee englisn ~ ngengengengeng ~ aku tak malu pon nak ngaku aku bo*** BI ~ 

#seriouly i can't be a heartless person . i'm tooo fregile dear, within this 2-3days sengaja cari jalan mudah dgn berdiam diri . we need some time for each other, maybe -,-'

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