Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am Malaysian, and I'm proud about it !

Assalamualaikum . Ni Hao . Good Evening .

Google-ing all the news about MH370 . There is no tiredness to search about it . Even a lil bit .
Somehow I've got this link from my facebook . Masha Allah . Malu sekejap sebab minda ni tak setanding dengan beliau . Allahu Rabbi . Syukur masih ada generasi mendatang yg mempunyai minda intelektual sepertinya . Syabas sahabat . Syabas Malaysia kerana mampu melahirkan jiwa seorang prajurit yang bersifat demikian . Syukur Ya Allah atas nikmat Mu ...

Dear bloggers, all internet users . Especially Malaysian . Read what she's write on her blog . We're Malaysian . We must struggle to save our country ! Please READ this .

'Ujian menguatkan kita, bukan melemahkan'

Stay strong relatif of MH370 . Allah knows everything . Keep pray and don't loss hope on Him . Allahu Rabbi . Hasbi ya Allahu wanikmal Wakil ~

p/s : My beloved Oyen is now in heaven . Also my precious Rakun . Selang 2 days after Oyen death, my siz called me said that something happened on Rakun . After I'm getting back to home with Mr KA, I noticed that my housing area gelap gelita . Lampu jalan rosak dah 3hari . So I assumed that someone has hit my dear Rakun with motorcycle or car . Pity her :'( But Allah is the Almighty . Both of them tak hembuskan nafas depan mata aku . If tak, I'll always in my gloomy day until now . Both of them have left me on the same week . At first, it is hard to accept the truth . However, this is what we call Qada' and Qadar . Allah knows the best . Now I'm having my Adek, Shiro, Hamtaro, Oyan and Oreo . Thanks Allah . After Oyen and Rakun left me, seems that all the people in my house cared much about them . Alhamdulillah :')

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