Monday, September 26, 2011

cage story

Walaupun hanya sekadar dalam MIMPI, ia sudah memadai :')

Every time i thought n keep remembering you ..
I can feel the tears running down my face =(

Accompany my friend untuk pulangkan this cage kat makmal anatomi, i cant lie to myself that i really miss you :'(

Suddenly remembered during raya aidilfitri, we also bring u back to Meru to celebrate Hari Raya together :) Naaahhh actually you fell sick ~ It is call PARVOVIRUS right doct ? Then we bring u and put you inside this cage ~ Meronta-ronta awak mau keluar kan ? Takut dibuang mungkin ? Along the journey dapat dengar suara macho awak tu meronta-ronta untuk keluar dari cage .. But when we go back home, sepanjang perjalanan awak senyaaappp ~ Tenang rasa hati dapat pulang ke rumah yer ? But why until now, you didn't coma back home ? :'( Where have u been ? It almost a week ~ Please, come back home T.T

*this is what i feel right now ~ sitting alone in front of lappy, studying but my head keep remembering him .. (sorry for the broken english)

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